Surrounded by first-class amenities

In addition to our accessible parking solutions, we provide a host of other amenities that allow our tenants to focus on their business goals and enjoy their professional life at Ross Tower.

3/1,000 Parking

Ross Tower provides accessible parking options and valet in order to accommodate your company's parking needs.

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Conference Centers

From hosting your company’s board meeting to entertaining out-of-town stakeholders, our conference centers have been designed with comfortable seating, private board rooms, catering options and up-to-date technologies.  

Reservations available through our concierge service.  

Tenant Lounge

We have fiber-optic Wi-Fi throughout the building and welcome guests and tenants to use our open-concept, modern Wi-Fi lounge located in the grand lobby.


Meet with clients, enjoy a coffee with colleagues or simply take the opportunity to work remotely from your office on our street-level patio. We’ve designed the space to be an extension of your office with reliable wi-fi and comfortable seating.

45 Oaks Cafe

Enjoy a gourmet lunch at the 45 Oaks Cafe. Our chef features a fresh menu weekly at each of the eight food stations and catering is available for Ross Tower tenants.

No reservations required.


A five-star restaurant located at Ross Tower with the availability to host gatherings and corporate dinners or cater your next board meeting.

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In an effort to support our local neighborhood and give our tenants a variety of classes and fitness opportunities to choose from, we have partnered with T. Boone Pickens YMCA, located directly across the street from Ross Tower as a premier fitness option.

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Fairmont Hotel

Connected by a pedestrian tunnel and steeped in southern, sophiticated hospitality, this iconic luxury hotel in the heart of downtown Dallas makes it easy to host out-of-town clients and guests for our tenants at Ross Tower.

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On-Site Management

We have a highly responsive team that values a personalized, white-glove approach to tenant relationships.

Concierge Services + 24-Hour Security

Our staff offer overnight package delivery, valet, notary services, and hotel & conference center reservations through the front desk.

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